The Strategy Reader

Each of the reading lists and commentaries included in this reader is designed as a stand-alone resource on an important research topic within strategy. There are nonetheless many areas of intersection among the lists, and opportunities for combining these resources in interesting ways. The following brief summary of topics highlights linkages among the lists based on the ordering of the lists in the table of contents. We hope that this provides a useful tool for navigating the reader content, but stress that this represents only one of many ways in which the reading lists can be organized and we invite each user to digest and recombine the content however best suits their needs. Our collective view of what constitutes high quality research in strategy can be found here.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Performance
    1. Competition and Performance (bibliography)
    2. Sustainability (bibliography)
    3. Industry and Firm Effects (bibliography)
    4. Organization Form: Selection and Consequences (bibliography)
    5. Performance Implications of Reputation and Status (bibliography)
  3. Industry Dynamics
    1. Entry (appendix, bibliography)
    2. Innovation (bibliography)
    3. Corporate Diversification (bibliography)
    4. Industry Evolution (bibliography)
  4. External Influences
    1. External Stakeholder Influence (extended version, bibliography)
    2. Public and Private Political Strategy (bibliography)
    3. Geography and Agglomeration (bibliography)
  5. Internal Organization & Fit
    1. Strategy Process (bibliography)
    2. Organizational Learning (bibliography)
    3. Fit (bibliography)

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